Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's springtime girls! ... Check out the latest spring jewelry trends

Enough of those bulky jackets, pullovers and ponchos. Now, take out those cool tees in citrus shades and smart-fit denims from your closet. It has been quite some time now that they have been spending long pensive hours in captivity. Give them a fresh lease of life by teaming them up with some fun jewelry items.

Although spring is the ideal time to play with colors and experiment with different jewelry styles, there are few things that almost scale up to the category of springtime staples. These are:

  • Colorful beads of turquoise, onyx or pearls. You can either flaunt them in a neck-piece while wearing a spring dress with a dipping neckline, or can wind them up on your wrist for a more on-your-face statement.
  • This year, fashionable armlets are going to make a big come-back. Add a few of these jewelry pieces to your collection to do to your beautiful sleeveless dresses.
  • We have already talked about bangles, and how big they are going to make in the jewelry fashion arena in 2010. So, go wild with colors while sporting them in stacks or in singles.
  • Try some bling things for your hair too. As I said earlier, hair embellishments are going to be real head-turners this season.
  • Finally the anklets! How can we forget them? A springtime ensemble comprising a pair of lycra capris and a floral top is simply incomplete without an anklet of interesting style.


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