Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Matching is “Out”, Mixing is FUN! - A Prelude to Spring Fashion 2010

For all those, who had already despaired thinking that their jewelry collection lacked the much needed coordination, and was a big hodgepodge of different styles, forms and materials- here's a piece of good news. A recession-influenced reversion to less-precious materials and embellishments, coupled with a hip new consciousness about sustainability, has given rise to a “creative renaissance” in the jewelry fashion industry.

Now, it's more about the color, combination (no matter, if it's a bit kooky), size, and audacity. Yes, you heard it right - it's no longer unfashionable to wear a few layers of chains with heavy pendants and pile it up with earrings built with unusual material, as long as you are wearing the right attitude. Another thing you should keep in mind- when you want your necklaces, or earrings, or cuff bracelets to speak for themselves, do not dress up in something that is overtly glitzy. That may act as a major distraction. The trick is in finding the right balance of glitz. So, go - explore the bold new looks of the season, and have fun!

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