Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jewelry Trends 2010 - Bring Back the Bling!

The new year has just begun. We are yet to know what it has in store for us. But whatever may lie ahead, why not begin it with a lucky charm? Now that the dreaded “R” word (recession that is!) is nowhere in sight, you can safely go ahead and buy all those dazzling charms that your heart kept longing for last year, but wallet didn't permit. And in case you didn't know what jewelries are going to set the trend this year, here you go:

Statement necklaces: Jewelry items like this may not be the most expensive pieces in your collection, but they will surely pack a lot of punch for the amount of money that you have spent on them. Explore fun patterns, rich shades and loads of sparkle. You may also try some bold stuffs like a metal chain with a heavy wooden pendant or a few layers of prayer beads.

Silver jewelry and classic hoops: The good old silver is back in style. Be it a sparkling silver jewelry piece or a stone-studded classic hoop - the pristine white shine is surely going to rock this year.

Cocktail ring: It's all about how elegantly you carry it. A cocktail ring is attention-grabbing, yet not loud. Just keep one thing in mind while choosing the gemstone on it - this year the mantra is- “the bigger, the better”.

Bangles: Do “not” play it safe this year. Sport an armful mix `n match of bangles over a long-sleeve top or sweater, and the winner's title is all yours! To give the stack a striking effect, blend your paper mache or wood bangles with sleek pieces in gold or jewel tones. You may also try your hands on a few of those chunky cuffs that are making waves these days.Diamond studs and pendant: This eternal dazzling duo has no takers at any point of time. Come what jewelry trend is “in” or “out”, a set of diamond stud earrings and pendant is always going to be the hottest trend ever.

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