Thursday, January 28, 2010

When I think of handcrafted jewelry, I think of Bibi – Bibi Russel...

The person who gave a new meaning to fashion. - Beyond the glitz and glamor of the this profession, which makes it somewhat difficult for the common man to relate to it, made fashion look more humane. "People sell poverty. I sold the beauty in poverty," is how she explains her work. Much before this blogging bug bit me, I had this in mind that if I ever get to pen down my own thoughts about jewelry, I'll surely write about Bibi Russel and her creations.

An iconic Bangladeshi fashion designer and an erstwhile supermodel in the Europe fashion circuit, Bibi is known for her work with the artisans and weavers in Bangladesh. In the 1980's, she formed "Fashion for Development” in Dhaka to promote traditional Bengal fabrics such as
Khadi (or Khaddar), Jaamdani, and more recently the humble gamchhas. Her range of accessories includes chunky earrings and wristwear, which are made out of natural sources such as terracotta, water hyacinth, palm leaf, wood, silk, jute and cotton

In the year 1999, UNESCO named her ‘Designer for Development” for her unfailing commitment to human dignity, development and the eradication of poverty. Presently, Bibi retails from her signature outlets in England, Spain, France and Dhaka. We, who are ardent admirers of her creations from India, are waiting with bated breath, when she'll come up with her outlet in this country, an emerging fashion hub of the world. Here are a few items from her prolific collections. Hope you like them:

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