Monday, April 5, 2010

Jute jewelry: The eco-friendly summer fashion accessories

Scorching heat, constant sweating and utter discomfort are all part 'n parcel of Indian summers. It is difficult to stay fit during this time of the year, let alone keeping up with the latest fashion trends. It seems like a real difficult task, when it comes to dressing up in a stylish way, as our bodies, minds and clothing tend to wander to the outdoor mode. Most of us are torn between the choices as to which factor to prioritize – comfort or style. And while picking the right option we often get confused and go wrong with the entire thing. Result - unsynchronized outfit and fashion accessories that heighten the discomfort of summer.
So, how to go about it? How to beat the summer heat in a fashionable way? - Just use a bit of creative intelligence, and you can easily transform your summer attire into cool outdoor chic. Comfy outfits made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and jute make great summer wearables. Same goes for jewelry and fashion accessories. Jewelry made from jute fibers not only makes a smart eco-friendly fashion treatment, but also makes summer bearable and fashionable at the same time.
Jute jewelry like other handcrafted jewelry comes in various forms. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings- you name it, and there is a beautiful jute jewelry item for each category. Some jewelry items also feature beads made from glass, stone, wood and shells, which are skilfully stitched to the twine base. Here are some fascinating jute jewelries ... see which one of these fits your idea of summer fashion accessory.


  1. Really earthy, natural jewellery. Lovely

  2. thanks for sharing beautiful jute jewelry designs they looks lovely. i like your jewelry collection very much.

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