Monday, April 12, 2010

Allure of the past: Vintage costume jewelry

There's something very magical and intriguing about vintage costume jewelry. Once you start collecting these antique wonders, it becomes like an addiction. The styles, the colors, and the designs are so remarkably beautiful that you simply cannot stop to own them. Part of the allure of vintage jewelry, I think, lies in the fact that it harkens back to a time which is lost in the past - a time when women really dressed up, great thought process went into looking polished and put together, and a beautiful piece of costume jewelry was considered the perfect finishing touch.

Now, for the connoisseurs of beauty, here's a piece of information about costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is defined as jewelry made from non-precious materials manufactured as ornamentation for the masses to complement a particular fashionable outfit or "costume". It was popular throughout the 20th century but its heyday was really in the 1950s and 1960s. The city of Providence, Rhode Island, which originally attracted fine jewelry artisans in the 18th century is still known today as “The Historic Jewelry District.”

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And now, feast your eyes on some magnificent vintage costume jewelry pieces.


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