Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Earthen Charm of Terracotta Jewelry

Terracotta – an Italian term actually refers to the heated or the cooked earth. In ancient times, the earthen clay called Terracotta was used for making pots and other utensils, later as the society evolved, terracotta started being used for making all sorts of ornaments like necklace, bracelet, pendants, chokers etc. Back then, it used to be prevalent only in the rural and tribal societies but today terracotta jewelry is vouched for its exotic earthy appeal.

Each terracotta jewelry piece, exudes this rustic, earthy feel which goes absolutely in sync with the bohemian style of dressing which together accentuates the nomadic, gypsy look. Most often the terracotta designs consist of basic traditional shapes of animals, tribal gods or even abstract shapes. The rough and glazed finishes adds on to the natural artistic appeal of these pieces. Presenting here are a couple of classic intimidating terracotta jewelry pieces:

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  1. very beautiful collection Sanchita! How can we buy them?



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