Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Set the mercury soaring with sensuous belly chains

When there is spring, can summer be far behind? It's now bright sunny outside, you hardly feel the nip in the air, and the sudden burst of colors around you say that the summery days are finally here. It's time to head for the beaches. Set off your swimsuit with an alluring belly chain!

A belly chain is a gorgeous accessory. It can be worn with many an outfit from low-rise jeans and shorts to A-line skirts and halter tops. Wear it across your waist or let it drape low on your hips, it looks stunning either ways. But you need to make sure of one thing – attitude. Accessorizing an attire with belly chain calls for that subtle use of intelligence. You just cannot afford to go too loud with this jewelry piece. A bad mix of aesthetics sense and confidence can ruin your entire look. So, just pick the right stuff that you think you can carry off with elegance, and you are ready hit the streets.

Find here some more cool belly chains ... or did I say hot!


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