Monday, February 15, 2010

Sea glass jewelry hunt on a seaside getaway

So, finally the Valentines weekend is over, and it's time again to get back to the same old track ... feeling blue? C'mmon, you don't need a Day or something like that to celebrate love. It's spring, the sun is already shining bright up in the crystal blue sky, and the sweet nip in the air says it's time you head for the beach with your beloved before it gets too crowded. Game for some extended romance – watsay?

A beach holiday is all about soaking in the summer sun on lazy afternoons, feasting on sumptuous seafood delicacies, and picking up cool stuffs from the palm-fringed beach markets. Silhouetted by shacks and stalls of a bounty in trinkets, seaside getaways always give their guests a unique shopping experience. So, when you are on one such wonderful seaside vacation, do remember to look for the exquisite sea glass jewelry items. Created from glass washed up onto the shore and worn down to smooth organic forms by the constant surge and ebb of the tide, sea glass jewelries make for the perfect beachwear accessories.
Sea glass, known differently as beach glass and marine gems, are available in three main varieties: sea sapphires. mermaids tears, and Atlantic amber. The color palette is also quite varied for these translucent pebbles. You get them in various shades of greens, blues, browns, whites and very rarely in red, gold, pink, purple, turquoise, lime green, orange too. So, what are you waiting for? Head for the nearest sea beach and start collecting your sea shells ... oops sorry - Sea Glass!


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